Saturday, March 27, 2010

Steve + Heather Married!

Here's the long awaited blog for my brother and his new wife!... It was an awesome time we had up in Canada for they're wedding. You'll notice there's a lot of shots that I would normally post missing, like the ceremony, ring shots and more getting ready pictures... Reason being, I was also the best man so I was a little tied up at times lol. Infact, I kept getting sidetracked from taking photos because I was having such a great time talking to everybody because they're all incredible! You worry about who your siblings inlaws are going to be but in this case, I couldn't ask for a better family for my little brother! Welcome to the family Heather! We love you!

It's still pretty strange seeing myself in the wedding party on my blog :P

... and off they go into the -2 degree night!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Steve + Heather Engaged!

I actually just flew back in today after my little brother and new sister's wedding in Canada! It was an absolute blast! Now, I'm already getting a little ahead of myself cuz I'm only just now putting up their engagement photos... It was a really hectic December this past year so I'm running a bit behind on the blog and as far as the wedding pics go you're gonna have to wait just a little bit longer while I'm sorting and editing them. But hopefully you'll enjoy these engagement shots we quickly ran out to take right before leaving for Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house. These were taken right out in the front "yard"... my family has 45 acres in beautiful upstate NY so maybe it's more of an upper meadow than a yard :)

Real quick I gotta brag on my little brother... He apart from being a volunteer firefighter has just joined the US Army Reserves and will be leaving for basic training and AIT almost immediately following their honeymoon. I couldn't possibly be more proud of the man he's grown into and am so thrilled that God has blessed him with the perfect young woman to call his wife! As for Heather, it takes a very special lady to come alongside a man who will selflessly stand in the gap risking his own life for those who cannot stand for themselves. Heather is that special woman. And we all already love her just as if she'd always been part of our family!

So all that said... I'm thrilled to introduce to you my incredible brother Stephen and his stunning bride Heather! (who at this moment are still honeymooning in sunny, warm Puerto Rico!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in Upstate New York!

Home for Thanksgiving! Is there really anything better than that? (other than home for Christmas I suppose but, as an audio engineer that's forfeit anyway lol) We all had so much fun this year and it snowed!... I even got to have a snowball fight with my 10 y/o sister my last day! I know it sounds funny but I think this was the first year we all sat around the table after dinner and said what we were thankful for. Well I think all those years of not having that caused us all to save up a bunch of blubbering emotion... My family is all really close so the waterworks opened up and I think it was the greatest miserable time we've ever all spent together lol

Oh and keep a look out for the next post coming soon... My little brother Stephen and his beautiful fiancee Heather!

Ok I'm just doing all the names once! :)

LtoR- Me, Heather, Steve, Aunt Gay, Uncle Joe, Grandma, Poppy (w/ Max the wonderdog) Dad, Katie, Mom, Michelle, Laura, Lou and Kim and their two boys Justin and Brandan in front.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ok well for starters I took 1400 photos this day and had a blast... And 2nd... it's 3 am and I have writers block so I really hope you enjoy the skim pics. Goodnight!

Addendum- Ok it's morning now and I'm a little better rested... These shots were from a few weeks ago but I went to NY for turkeyday and just haven't gotten to posting 'em till now, I know, par for the course. But! There's at least two more posts coming up real soon!

I had a great time shooting these but had a couple real near misses involving the camera and waves lol, not to mention boy did I get my exercise right along with them!... I would run along behind or beside and then drop down and let off a rapid fire burst of shots each time they'd hit the water. It was a fun day for all but, I'd have to say one of my biggest highlights was when I got back to my truck an hr. after my meter ran out and I didn't have a ticket! Ok I gotta run to work so enjoy the skim session with Danny and Silvia!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Disney Trip!

Well it's really sad but we're already home from last weekend's awesome trip to Disney (yes we're big children)... We had an incredible room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge where they showed us some big love and upgraded us to a savanna view room! There's nothing like rolling out of bed, looking out the sliding glass door and seeing giraffe, zebra and a whole host of other animals just walkin around doin whatever african animals do! But the best part was that we had some great company this time... My little sister Laura came down from NY, Alandra's best friend Monica flew in from TX and we even had a quick visit from some good friends from church that go to school in the Orlando area! The more the merrier at Disney! Anyway there's a couple more little stories with some of the shots so check 'em out!

Can you believe I took these next couple shots from our room's balcony?!


Laura workin it

if you ever go to Coke's flavors around the world in Epcot you gotta try the one with the blue label called "Beverly"

Anybody know what ride these next few are from?

At the exit of test track... (aslo the answer to the above question :)

It's always a beautiful night in Mexico

I used to play with the jumping water too when I was young, one time i misjudged it and the same thing happened to me lol... After taking these I ran over to the family and we all huddled up and almost wet ourselves laughing so hard at their faces zoomed in lol

Rockin' Rollercoaster!

Funny story, after I took this shot one of Disney's photopass photographers came up to me and says "I'm having lens envy..." lol turns out their gear is a little on the amateur side... and as we keep talking she tells me they just told her what settings to use and sent her on her way! She didn't really know how to use a camera!! So we had a quick little crash course on how a camera works and how to use the manual settings lol

He's everywhere... And he's watching...

1985 it was the electric light parade... 2009 it's spectromagic... I miss the beatle song :( lol