Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shoot For Pastor Clay's New Album

Well it looks like I'm doing it...  Mark it well my friends, I'm finally blogging!... We'll see how long I go for lol

So anyway...

Here's a few shots from last weeks little session for Pastor Clay Hecocks.  He's got a new album coming out soon so I snapped a few shots for the album cover after they  finished laying down the tracks... Our Location for the day was Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale's recording studio.



There were music sheets thrown all over the floor... Very "composeresque" lol


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
I'm REAL impressed!! Some beautiful shots. Ha... the first to comment too. I'm real proud of you... but then you know that already. Lots of mommy love to you!

Anonymous said...

hey bro, these are some great shots!

You are a top notch photographer!!!

-The Original John Mayer

Erica Kelly said...

Great pics Tim! What a talent you have!
And dont feel bad about being a newbie to the blog thing...I am too.
Take care!!!

Kacey said...

welcome to the blogging world :)

these look fantastic!

Steve said...

Tim, you are Amazing!!! those are some Great shots... Pastor Clay was lucky to have someone as talented and awesome as you to do a shoot for him. Great work bro keep it up!


Anonymous said...

great pics Tim!

When the new OES studio is done (1 more week) maybe you can work some magic for us!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cous'
Love your work!! Maybe someday you can come up and take some quality pictures of my kiddos!! lol I would love that.
You have got a great eye for a picture.
Proud of you.


Abigail said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you're putting up more pictures, I've been checking your other site every week. :P