Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Engskow Family

Well hi there everybody!... I know I've been a bit lax but I didn't really have much to post cuz my next wedding is the beginning of January... Anyway, I went out to take some Christmas photos for one of my best friends and his family a little while back and we had so much fun I thought I'd post it!  The funniest thing was that out of all the shots we took with all four of them only one worked!!  Once you see how much energy their boys have you'll understand lol... We all had a blast tho!! I think I had more fun than the boys!

Meet Jared, Jayne, Tristan & Wyatt... In the only shot where everyone semi-looked lol

So after a while of shooting duds we just let 'em burn off steam in the playground!

...And the biggest hit of the day... mulch... just mulch