Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in Upstate New York!

Home for Thanksgiving! Is there really anything better than that? (other than home for Christmas I suppose but, as an audio engineer that's forfeit anyway lol) We all had so much fun this year and it snowed!... I even got to have a snowball fight with my 10 y/o sister my last day! I know it sounds funny but I think this was the first year we all sat around the table after dinner and said what we were thankful for. Well I think all those years of not having that caused us all to save up a bunch of blubbering emotion... My family is all really close so the waterworks opened up and I think it was the greatest miserable time we've ever all spent together lol

Oh and keep a look out for the next post coming soon... My little brother Stephen and his beautiful fiancee Heather!

Ok I'm just doing all the names once! :)

LtoR- Me, Heather, Steve, Aunt Gay, Uncle Joe, Grandma, Poppy (w/ Max the wonderdog) Dad, Katie, Mom, Michelle, Laura, Lou and Kim and their two boys Justin and Brandan in front.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ok well for starters I took 1400 photos this day and had a blast... And 2nd... it's 3 am and I have writers block so I really hope you enjoy the skim pics. Goodnight!

Addendum- Ok it's morning now and I'm a little better rested... These shots were from a few weeks ago but I went to NY for turkeyday and just haven't gotten to posting 'em till now, I know, par for the course. But! There's at least two more posts coming up real soon!

I had a great time shooting these but had a couple real near misses involving the camera and waves lol, not to mention boy did I get my exercise right along with them!... I would run along behind or beside and then drop down and let off a rapid fire burst of shots each time they'd hit the water. It was a fun day for all but, I'd have to say one of my biggest highlights was when I got back to my truck an hr. after my meter ran out and I didn't have a ticket! Ok I gotta run to work so enjoy the skim session with Danny and Silvia!