Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Christmas & NYC '08... Just a little late...

Ok so you remember that time WAAAAYYYY back when I promised photos from our NYC trip at the end of December???... Well I finally went back through the old backup hard drive, dusted them off and did a lil touchin up! We had such a blast hangin out as a family and staying in a little flat in Queens all bunched up together on air mattresses lol... Anyway yes I know it's August but everybody loves Christmas so we'll start off there!

Oh! and what do you think of the new logo on the photos?

Momma enjoying a card that's totally me... It's about being OCD ;P

Gma & Poppy with Max

What Christmas would be complete without a wrapping paper fight?

And then we went off to the big city...

Not too bad for no tripod

The pineapples were cheaper there than down here in FL where we grow 'em!!!

Not forgetting Lady Liberty... Or something somewhat close

I finally got to see the Flatiron building!

The 9.11 memorials in St. Paul's

And... George Washingtons personal pew (you know and I know it's a chair but it says pew on the wall so we'll just go along)

The most we got to see of ground zero

The Starbucks across from Century 21

The Boys

No... I wasn't making any great fashion statements that day lol... Thanks for the pic Steve!

Most people would show you a pic of the beautiful columns of the front of the building but not me... For your viewing pleasure I present... the back door!