Sunday, June 29, 2008

Andrew & Chrissy's Mini Engagement Shoot

So during Curtis & Monica's reception my good buddy Andrew asked for a couple quick photos for Chrissy & his save the date card...  Well, instead of just a couple quick shots, I ended up dragging them around Calvary's campus :P... so anyway in the end we wound up with a handful of really fun stuff!



These are my favs for the day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Curtis & Monica's Wedding

   Well as most of you already know... Our good friends Curtis & Monica just got hitched!... The ceremony was yesterday at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale followed by a beautiful reception at The Daily Grill restaurant.  Being that it was actually a work day for me at Calvary, I opted to do the sound in the grill so I could be involved in the reception too :P.   Tracy Ann-Jarrett and her husband Martin (who are awesome... and new friends of mine) were the official photographers on duty for the day, but let me tell you, they were definitely not the only ones taking pics lol... It would appear that most of Curtis's friends are photographers!  And yes, I was one of the paparazzi too :)  


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Michelle & Jim's Wedding

Well, it was a week ago yesterday that we shot Michelle & Jim's wedding in Delray Beach, Florida.  I was second shooter for Curtis Copeland and we had a blast!  Even though I think we probably lost about 10 pounds of water weight between the two of us lol...  The wedding was a peaceful, intimate, afternoon ceremony with close friends and family just a stone's throw from the beautiful clear Atlantic Ocean.  We went from there to a really fun (air-conditioned :) reception where Marjorie and her team from Markei Events & Productions had set a romantic chill beach theme room perfect for this fun loving group of heavy dancers :)  


Ahh... Florida summers... Seabreeze and sweat stains  :P

And we can't forget Curtis getting the lighting for the mini studio juuuust right lol

iPhone 3G Is Almost Here!

It's almost that time!... I'm getting so excited!...  After a year of drooling over friends iPhone's it's almost time for me to get one of my own!...   It's going to be such a relief to have all my scheduling at hand at all times, not to mention the ability to show potential clients samples of my work at any time rather than just giving out cards and reminding them to check out the website.    apple = sheer brilliance   :)


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shoot For Pastor Clay's New Album

Well it looks like I'm doing it...  Mark it well my friends, I'm finally blogging!... We'll see how long I go for lol

So anyway...

Here's a few shots from last weeks little session for Pastor Clay Hecocks.  He's got a new album coming out soon so I snapped a few shots for the album cover after they  finished laying down the tracks... Our Location for the day was Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale's recording studio.



There were music sheets thrown all over the floor... Very "composeresque" lol