Saturday, March 27, 2010

Steve + Heather Married!

Here's the long awaited blog for my brother and his new wife!... It was an awesome time we had up in Canada for they're wedding. You'll notice there's a lot of shots that I would normally post missing, like the ceremony, ring shots and more getting ready pictures... Reason being, I was also the best man so I was a little tied up at times lol. Infact, I kept getting sidetracked from taking photos because I was having such a great time talking to everybody because they're all incredible! You worry about who your siblings inlaws are going to be but in this case, I couldn't ask for a better family for my little brother! Welcome to the family Heather! We love you!

It's still pretty strange seeing myself in the wedding party on my blog :P

... and off they go into the -2 degree night!