Sunday, June 22, 2008

Curtis & Monica's Wedding

   Well as most of you already know... Our good friends Curtis & Monica just got hitched!... The ceremony was yesterday at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale followed by a beautiful reception at The Daily Grill restaurant.  Being that it was actually a work day for me at Calvary, I opted to do the sound in the grill so I could be involved in the reception too :P.   Tracy Ann-Jarrett and her husband Martin (who are awesome... and new friends of mine) were the official photographers on duty for the day, but let me tell you, they were definitely not the only ones taking pics lol... It would appear that most of Curtis's friends are photographers!  And yes, I was one of the paparazzi too :)  


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Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

We definitely didn't mind you being a paparazzi at the wedding, specially after seeing some of these images. Btw I loved your site, you have talent my friend. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will be working together in the near future.