Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Olivia & Damien 8.16.08

Ok... So I know I may have had a lil too much fun playing with the colors for this one but, it was a fun wedding!... so why not make the photos fun and a bit different?!  (Don't worry, they'll get all the regular color edits too :)  And while I'm explaining things I'm also sorry it's taken me so long to get this post out :(  I know those "next few days" I promised turned into a week and a half but I've got a really tight schedule this month so I've been working and editing pretty constant lately.  So far I'm actually keeping up with the workload though!  
   Anyway... These two, and their families and friends were just a great time right off the bat just like Amanda & Jake's wedding...  I decided I love doing back to back weddings for the same family...   I just end up feeling all warm and fuzzy like I'm part of the family...  Well maybe more like a crazy uncle with a camera but hey, that's still family!  Hope you like the pics and send me some comments on what you think!  


Guess it's pretty obvious but this was when they first saw each other... lol... love it!

That's a man baby!

Be careful up there!

Always establish dominance

And of course... more merriment 


Anonymous said...

What can we say? Tim- you have such an incredible gift from God for capturing life's most precious moments and we are so grateful you were a part of our glorious day to capture ours. I finally figured out what makes you such an amazing photographer and human being; the eye you use for your work is fueled directly from the humility, love, and compassion that flows through your heart and soul. We are absolutely overwhelmed with will ALWAYS be a BERRIOS!!

Olivia and Damien

Abigail said...

I liked the different lighting! :D My favorite picture is the one of the rings on the sea star, it was really cool.

Erica said...

Goodness Tim, your photos are nothing short of amazing!!! I wish I had you doing the pics for my wedding! What a talent!!!