Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ok well for starters I took 1400 photos this day and had a blast... And 2nd... it's 3 am and I have writers block so I really hope you enjoy the skim pics. Goodnight!

Addendum- Ok it's morning now and I'm a little better rested... These shots were from a few weeks ago but I went to NY for turkeyday and just haven't gotten to posting 'em till now, I know, par for the course. But! There's at least two more posts coming up real soon!

I had a great time shooting these but had a couple real near misses involving the camera and waves lol, not to mention boy did I get my exercise right along with them!... I would run along behind or beside and then drop down and let off a rapid fire burst of shots each time they'd hit the water. It was a fun day for all but, I'd have to say one of my biggest highlights was when I got back to my truck an hr. after my meter ran out and I didn't have a ticket! Ok I gotta run to work so enjoy the skim session with Danny and Silvia!


Jen McCormick said...

Tim you are an amazing photographer!!! I really wish you would come up here and take some pictures of my kids before they are all grown up. Awesome work!!!
Jen McCormick

k.c. said...

These are incredible! Beautiful colors.