Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in Upstate New York!

Home for Thanksgiving! Is there really anything better than that? (other than home for Christmas I suppose but, as an audio engineer that's forfeit anyway lol) We all had so much fun this year and it snowed!... I even got to have a snowball fight with my 10 y/o sister my last day! I know it sounds funny but I think this was the first year we all sat around the table after dinner and said what we were thankful for. Well I think all those years of not having that caused us all to save up a bunch of blubbering emotion... My family is all really close so the waterworks opened up and I think it was the greatest miserable time we've ever all spent together lol

Oh and keep a look out for the next post coming soon... My little brother Stephen and his beautiful fiancee Heather!

Ok I'm just doing all the names once! :)

LtoR- Me, Heather, Steve, Aunt Gay, Uncle Joe, Grandma, Poppy (w/ Max the wonderdog) Dad, Katie, Mom, Michelle, Laura, Lou and Kim and their two boys Justin and Brandan in front.


itsdevin said...

That picture of Grandma and Poppy KILLS me its so cute.

Beth Moyle said...

My favorite is the family "poser" pic. We have one like it from Thanksgiving last year. I love when everyone "goes drama". You did a great job on the pics. What a beautiful family. Just can't believe how everyone has grown up.

Trina said...

I love these peoples!!
Great pics, Tim!